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Diocese of S. Ohio

church of the Good Shepherd

Aeolian-Skinner Organ
installed in the
Church of the Good Shepherd,
Athens, Ohio

Organ Pipes

Organist Marsha Reilly, Music Director, recorded for the following:

April 26 2020

Now the green blade riseth (Hymn 205) Setting by Kenneth Kosche

Now the green blade riseth (Hymn 205) setting by Robert Lind

We know that Christ is raised and dies no more (Hymn 296) setting by Robert Hobby

April 12 2020 (Easter Sunday)

Jesus Christ is risen today (Hymn 207) Healey Willan

Fantasia on "Christ lay in the strong bands of death but now is arisen" (Hymn 186) J. S. Bach

Alleluia! O songs and daughters let us sing (Hymn 208) Flor Peeters

The Strife is Over (Hymn 208) Wilbur Held

April 10 2020 (Good Friday)

Ah holy Jesus (Hymn 158) Johannes Brahms

Chorale and Variation on sacred head sore wounded (Hymn 168) Felix Mendelssohn

At the cross her vigil keeping (Hymn 159) Robert Powell

Were you there? (Hymn 172) David Cherwien

April 9 2020 (Maundy Thursday)

Wondrous Love (Hymn 439) Setting by Dale Wood

Where true love and charity do dwell (Ubi caritas, Hymn 606) Setting by Alan Bullard

April 5 2020 (Palm Sunday)

The royal banners forward go Wilbur Held (based on Hymn 162)

Were you there? Dale Wood (based on Hymn 172)

O sacred head sore wounded Dietrich Buxtehude (based on Hymn 168)