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Diocese of S. Ohio

For current status regarding regular meetings and events, please consult the Events Calendar.

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Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd 45701

church of the Good Shepherd

Parish Announcements & Newsletter


E-News Archives


to the current and other recent issues of the E-News -

Please consult below for submission guidelines for the Parish E-newsletter, the Sunday Bulletin, and more.


The Good Shepherd E-news comes out weekly on Thursday. The deadline for announcements and articles is 12:00 noon the Wednesday prior to the E-news in which you'd like the article to run. On appropriate occasions separate 'breaking news' items can be run as an E-news Extra and/or posted on the social media.
The main purpose of the Good Shepherd E-news is to disseminate parish news and events. Letters to the editor in the form of debate, opinion, or responses do not fit the purpose of the E-news and are not accepted. In general commercial ads, announcements not of core interest to the church, and items for the benefit of a single individual are not accepted. News about parishioners is welcome with their permission as well other brief articles, especially those about programs and ministries.

As noted news and articles are welcome. The editors, however, reserve the right to edit for style, length, and content.

How to Submit:
Articles and announcements can be submitted by e-mail (chogs@chogs.org) or taken directly to the parish office or submitted to Ted Foster fosterth@ohio.edu or Jane Unger janielou13@gmail.com who are the E-news and Website editors. Please contact the administrative office as well if the item is also intended for the Sunday Bulletin. The best practice is to direct e-mail submissions to all three of the above addresses.

Announcements for the upcoming Sunday Bulletin are needed no later than 12:00 noon the Wednesday before. The Sunday Bulletin is printed Thursday morning.
How to Submit:
Announcements can be submitted by email (chogs@chogs.org) or taken directly to the office (Barbara Martin).

Lynn Graham is receiving names for the prayer list. Lynn can be reached at 740-593-5098 (grahammowery@aol.com). Please make sure that you have the person's or family's permission before submitting an item to Lynn.

Lynn Graham schedules the altar flowers. To donate flowers, please contact Lynn at 740-593-5098 (grahammowery@aol.com).