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Diocese of S. Ohio

church of the Good Shepherd



Worship at Good Shepherd

Our worship is according to the Book of Common Prayer, the red book in the pews. The poetry of this Book, much of it taken directly from Scripture, is one of the treasures of the English language. The English Reformers believed that the people should be able to worship in their own language, and they made the daily prayers of the Benedictine monks accessible to laypeople, so that everyone could enter into the daily rhythm of the Church's prayer.

The service bulletin is meant to orient you to the different parts of the liturgy of Holy Eucharist (also known as the Mass, the Holy Communion. or the Lord's Supper), which is the principal service of public worship in the Episcopal Church. The goal is to get our noses out of the books and bulletins, so that we can participate fully in the liturgy. Much of the liturgy comes from a culture in which most of the worshipers were unable to read, and it is designed accordingly.

At Good Shepherd, we believe that the entire community celebrates the Eucharist together. The bishop (or, in his or her absence, one of the priests) presides; all celebrate.

In the Episcopal Church, all baptized persons are welcome to receive Holy Communion. Episcopalians believe in the real presence of Jesus Christ in the sacrament, though we have a wide variety of theories as to how he becomes present. Once they are baptized, children may receive as soon as they are able to eat the bread and take a sip of the wine.

For more information about the weekly liturgies, the Episcopal Church in general, our music, facilities, and our outreach activities please see the Who are we? materials.