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Diocese of S. Ohio

Church of the Good Shepherd

About the Banners in Front of Our Church (June 2022)

Banners Front porch of Church June 2022

Center Banner

The Center Banner

is an original icon by iconographer Kelly Latimore commissioned for this parish. The icon is of Jesus the Good Shepherd and hangs over the door so that as we enter and exit the building, we are reminded of the care of Jesus who is with us wherever we go. You can learn more about the icons of Kelly Latimore, who shares a connection with our parish by visiting kellylatimoreicons.com. This Banner hangs permanently.

Right Art Banner Pentecost

The Art Banner

is from an original piece called The Baptism of Christ by KPB Stevens, an Episcopal priest, writer, and artist. We chose it because it is an uplifting image that is relevant no matter what is happening in the world and invites passersby to come closer by identifying our space as sacred.

Left Prayer Banner

The Prayer Banner

is a prayer was originally put up in 2019 after several tragic mass shootings in our country. Considering the increase of mass shootings in our country over the last three years, we put the banner up again to share this prayer for ending death of the innocent due to gun violence. The prayer is written by theologian Stanley Hauerwas and is found in his book Disrupting Time, Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2004.

Together all three banners proclaim a message of God's Presence, welcome, care, and the invitation to come closer to sacred space both inside and outside our building.