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The above is on-line via PayPal, please see below for checks and other options.

Ways to Give to the

Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

The Book of Common Prayer states "the mission of the Church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ" and the "Church carries out its mission through the ministry of all its members." For most of us, our ministry is a stewardship commitment where we return a portion of our time, talent, and income for the work of the Church in thanksgiving.

Giving proceeds from our sense of gratitude for all that God has done and is doing for us and for all people. What God asks of us as stewards is that we use wisely and well the resources that we have to more closely reflect the values and priorities leading to the love and betterment of all humanity. God's promise is that if we will freely offer our gifts, they will be blessed.

Financial stewardship is one way in which members of the church enable the work of Christian Ministry. Outlined below are various potential methods of giving to the Church of the Good Shepherd.

Kroger Community Rewards
Community Rewards
One way to contribute a little now and then is to
particpate in the Kroger Card program.

To more stewardship resources for church use.

In planning for upcoming the year the Church of the Good Shepherd conducts a pledge drive in October. If you wish to receive a set of offering envelopes please contact the Church Office. Please make checks payable to 'Church of the Good Shepherd' and for our record keeping designate that the check is toward the pledge.

Cash & Checks
One good tried and true method is mailing a check, made out to "Church of the Good Shepherd" and specifying in subject line if you want to specify how the money is to be used. Mailing cash is not a good idea. If you are around and about, bringing a check or cash directly to office during office hours is a good option. (Address: Church of the Good Shepherd, 64 University Terrace, Athens, OH 45701.)

Direct Deposit
You can make a direct deposit to the church, one time or continuing. It is quite likely that your bank or employer can set up direct deposit to deduct your contributions automatically on a scheduled basis if you so desire. They will get the information they need from the church.

Credit Card
Using Credit Card on-line via the website: this goes via PayPal, but one can use credit cards. Just click the "Donate Button". The church pays a service fee, but the process is very handy and safe. When using the Donate button, there is a place to indicate what the contribution is for if you want to designate other than the general fund, such as the organ fund. You may want to email Barbara (barbara@chogs.org) so she can be on the lookout for the transaction and deposit it appropriately.

Appreciated Securities and Property
The Church of the Good Shephard welcomes gifts of stock mutual funds, bonds, real estate and other personal property. This type of gift may allow the Church of the Good Shepherd to benifit from the full market value of your gift, while enabling you to take advantage of significant tax savings. Please initially consult your personal lawyer or personal financial planner for more information.

Gifts Through Estate Planning
Estate planning allows you to leave a legacy for your children, grandchildren and the ongoing operations or ministries of the Church of the Good Shepherd. The Church of the Good Shepherd welcomes gifts through such mechanisms as charitible gift annuities, life insurance, trusts, wills, retirement accounts and life estates. To plan such a gift please initially consult your personal lawyer or your personal financial planner.

Gifts of Endowment
A gift of an endowment fund, or to one the endowment funds, provides a source of permanent funding for the operations or ministries of the Church of the Good Shepherd. The principal of your gift remains whole, while providing permanent income toward the ministry of your designation.

Designating Your Gifts
Though it is conceivable that the Church of the Good Shepherd could not meet your specifications and choose not to accept a gift, there are ways to make sure your gifts are used the way you intended -- especially for property gifts or endowments to support the ministry of your designation.

Gifts In Kind
Upon request, the parish will acknowledge receipt of such services as appropriate, but will not, however, provide an estimate of their value. It is up to the donor to document the value separately for the IRS.