church of the Good Shepherd

64 University Terrace,
Athens, Ohio 45701
Map and directions

  • Below is a home grown map showing specific directions to the Church of the Good Shepherd and other details.

  • Paste our address: 64 University Terrace, Athens, OH 45701 in Google Maps for the Church of the Good Shepherd. If you click "what's here" on the locator icon you can see the church and surrounding campus.

  • If you have not encountered it as yet, there is a feature on Google you may want to try out. Search Google and take a 'virtual' tour of the inside and outside of the building. Click HERE or copy and paste - - church of the good shepherd athens ohio - - and you should arrive in tour mode. The 'controls" are pretty intuitive. You will probably be inside the church, turn around so you can also go outside (or may be some guidance in upper left).

29 Jan 2016

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