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Who are we?


Come grow with us!

At Good Shepherd, everyone is welcome to join in worship, music, education, fellowship, and service. The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd is a diverse and growing congregation. We are grateful members of the Episcopal Church. We are rooted in the spiritual traditions of love for God, common prayer, and intellectual openness at the heart of Anglican Christianity. Whoever you are and wherever you are in your journey of faith, there is a place for you here.

We are followers of Jesus, who welcomes all with open arms. Come and visit us, you will be a respected and welcomed guest, but not pointed out or embarrassed in any way.

Take Google's "virtual tour" and explore the inside of the parish building and then go outside and check out our campus surroundings.

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    The Episcopal Church

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    Outreach, Ministries and Ways to Serve

What Kind of Church is This?

The Church of the Good Shepherd is both a building and a spiritual presence in the very midst of the Ohio University campus. Since 1953 it has been on this southeast corner of the college green, and was positioned here to implement the vision of the late Bishop Henry Wise Hobson who desired that campus ministry be done in the vibrant context of parish life. The church was thus designed with its neo-Georgian architecture to complement other university buildings, and to become a connecting symbol, reflecting the importance of spiritual life and moral commitment at the core and geographic center of this institution.

The Church of the Good Shepherd is a sacred place within a secular environment. It has been made sacred, not simply by reason of a bishop's vision, but by the thousands of students, faculty, staff and visitors who have rejoiced and worshipped here or come in quiet loneliness to think, pray or seek guidance.

The Church of the Good Shepherd is not only for Episcopalians. It is here for everyone - all sorts and conditions. It is truly a house of prayer for all people; and by virtue of its prominent location on campus, as well as its history of worship since 1875, many believe Good Shepherd to be a religious cornerstone of Ohio University.